My Good Deeds....(Updated- Chapter 5)

I decided to do a nice thing for below!

I will be updating this every once in a while so be prepared! :)

You don't have to read this but it would be nice if you do. You can take them if you're bored or you can do them now. And you don't have to read all of them. If you have time, you can.

P.S I am only doing this for those who have not a lot of reads or responses. So who knows what story or quiz I will put up here! I suggest you read the Updated chapters

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Chapter 1

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by: Carrie_
If you are bored and have nothing to do, read some of these stories that I read, here on Quibblo. They are really good but don't have enough reads and that's sad cause they're AMAZING!!!

Please read them! And more will be coming! :)

Comment on them too! :) Thanks everyone!

P.S Quizzes will be coming!! :)

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