Which philosopher are you?

Which philosopher are you?

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The way you look at things, think and act in everyday situations could be based on a certain guiding principle for behavior. Aren't you curious on what theories may be affecting your attitude and behavior? Maybe, you even think in the same way as one of the greatest philosophers in history! Then go answer this personality quiz to find out!:)

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  Site Responses
  www.quibblo.com 255
  http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/hlyQZF1/Which-philosopher-are-you 255
  gopeandfriends.blogspot.com 14
  http://gopeandfriends.blogspot.com/ 14
  gopeandfriends.blogspot.co.uk 2
  http://gopeandfriends.blogspot.co.uk/ 2
  gopeandfriends.blogspot.in 1
  http://gopeandfriends.blogspot.in/ 1
  gopeandfriends.blogspot.de 1
  http://gopeandfriends.blogspot.de/ 1


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