(Currently Being Edited) Singer In The Shadows ~ An Original Story

(Currently Being Edited) Singer In The Shadows ~ An Original Story

Louise has always lived in the shadow of her older sister - the famous Lauren West.

Lauren had everything; the flawless appearance, perfect grades, the best boyfriend and not to mention the ultimate voice.

While Lauren's singing career kicked off with a bang, Lou struggled to keep up her grades and make her family proud, keeping her incredible talent hidden away.

With a new friend's help, will Lou come out of the shadows and prove herself to the world?

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Chapter 1


by: cryptics
The music industry was tough - one must have extreme talent or good connections to reach the top. Singers were everywhere, not all of them remotely talented, yet their music spread like a virus through the media as their songs imprinted themselves on the minds of the new generation.

While there were the connected ones, there were also the ones with pure talent, who truly deserved the spotlight. Those who could actually sing and allow their voices to mesmerise the ears of the world.

Although the talented ones ought to be the highest-ranking in the music industry, the connected ones soar higher and higher, topping the charts and earning companies truck-loads of money.

There are the talented and the connected, but what about the hidden? Those precious singers, who have an amazing talent, yet choose to keep it hidden away from the ears of the surrounding. Some of the hidden ones truly deserve a chance; however so many things can stop them from ever crawling out of their shells.


"Louise, get up!" Mrs West screeched from behind her daughter's closed bedroom door. As if a shrieking alarm everyday wasn't enough; Louise had to tolerate her mother's impatient screams on a Saturday morning, too.

"I'm awake," Louise mumbled, sliding out of bed and shuffling towards her en-suite bathroom.

Grabbing a hairband off one of the small shelves attached to the wall, Louise pulled her long brown hair back into a high ponytail. She scooped up some water and splashed it against her face, watching the droplets fall onto the floor. She groaned, bending down to wipe the mess.

"Stupid commercials," she muttered, throwing the dirty paper towels into the dustbin and staring at her tired reflection in the shiny mirror.

Her eyes roamed her face, taking in the under-eye bags, chapped lips and immensely tired expression. Her deep, hazel eyes seemed to have lost their usual shine, and her light skin took a sickly pale complexion. She hadn't slept well in ages, having been stressed about her final exams approaching in only a few weeks. She strived to impress her family; however her attempts always failed due to the extra pressure given by her successful older sister.

"Louise! Hurry up!" Mrs West screamed again, her voice muffled as her shouts echoed all the way from the kitchen downstairs.

Louise sighed, quickly brushing her teeth and exiting her bedroom, slowly making her way down the spiralling staircase.

"Finally; you slept in," Mrs West scolded.

"Mum, it's only eight-thirty," Louise argued.

"You were meant to wake up at a quarter to eight. Lauren has a rehearsal and you know that we're all attending this one."

"Yes, but it's not like we need to be there from the beginning!"

"Oh, it is most definitely like that. Don't you want to watch your sister live her dream? Aren't you happy for her?"

"Of course I am," Louise sighed, grabbing a slice of raisin toast and munching on the buttered bread.

"Eat quickly and get ready in about ten minutes; we need to get there on time," Mrs West stated, before hurrying upstairs to get dressed.

Louise rolled her eyes, quickly finishing the toast and walking back to her room. She was used to the fact that her parents preferred Lauren; Louise simply didn't match the potential that Lauren had. Lauren charmed everyone she met, whereas Louise struggled to make a single friend in her school. In all honestly, Louise gave up on herself. The only thing she was proud of was her hidden talent - the key word: hidden.


The place reserved for Lauren's rehearsals was large and extremely fancy. The walls were painted a beautiful creamy colour and the floors were tiled with a shiny black design. All in all, it was a phenomenal location, and it clearly impressed Mr and Mrs West.

"Lauren, we’re over here, dear!" Mrs West cooed, beckoning her eldest daughter. Lauren smiled widely, jumping off the stage and pulling her mother into a tight hug.

"Hi, Mum! Glad you could make it," she grinned.

"We wouldn't miss this, sweetheart," Mr West stated, pulling his daughter in for a hug as well. Louise stood by awkwardly, glancing at her reflection in the polished floor.

"Lou, you're here, too!" Lauren exclaimed, squeezing her sister tightly. Louise let out a soft laugh, prying Lauren's arms off her waist and sending her sister a small smile.

Lauren grinned once more, before turning around and climbing back onto the stage, gripping onto the microphone in the centre and tapping her foot to the beat as the band began to play one of Lauren's hit singles.

Louise and her parents took a seat as they watched Lauren close her eyes and slowly melt into the music, waiting for her cue before belting out the lyrics to the song.

Louise watched her sister let the words glide out of her mouth, as Louise herself slowly mouthed the words as well. She began to sing the melody under her breath, only to be silenced by a glare from her mother.

Lauren finished the song, only a slight bit out of breath and extremely elated at having her family hear her music. She let the band take a small break as she took a few swigs from her water bottle to calm her throat.

Lauren West - the newest and hottest singer in the new generation.


"Lauren, you were brilliant, darling!" Mrs West praised at the end of Lauren's rehearsal.

"Thanks Mum! I've been working hard," Lauren smiled.

"You've got a special talent, Lauren," Mr West grinned, glancing at his daughter briefly through the rear-view mirror of the car, before returning his eyes to the road.

"Louise? Are you alright?" Lauren questioned, eyeing her sister who was quietly staring out the window.

"Oh, I'm fine. You were great today, by the way," Louise complimented, a small smile accompanying her statement.

"Thanks, Lou. It means a lot to me!" Lauren laughed.

"No worries," Louise whispered, resuming her window-watch.

"It's so hard to get into the music industry, but when you do it's really worth it," Lauren gushed. "The thrill of it all; I mean the screaming fans and the never-ending cash! It's to die for."

"I can imagine," Louise chuckled. Lauren sent her a wonky grin, before pulling out her phone and scrolling through Twitter and the mentions from her millions of followers. Lauren had only been a part of the music industry for about half a year, but with the constant publicity, her album release and her first concert in only a few days, she had sky-rocketed to the top of the charts.

It wasn't long before the car ride came to a halt as the West family arrived back at their house. Mr West parked the car in the driveway, before quickly unlocking the door and allowing the family to enter and relax in the large lounge room on the ground floor. It had been a tiring day, considering Lauren's concert rehearsal lasted until eight in the evening with only a few small breaks.

"I think I'll call it a night," Louise sighed, standing up and making her way to the stairs.

"Aren't you going to have dinner?" Mr West asked, concerned about his young daughter.

"I had a large lunch," Louise lied, heading upstairs. She in fact had barely anything to eat all day; the stress of her workload for school was already too much to handle, but watching her sister live the life of a successful singer simply added to the pressure put on Louise.

All she really wanted was for her parents to be proud of her, however they only seemed to care for Lauren and how her life was always perfect. Louise could never outshine Lauren; that much was obvious. She simply wished that she would be noticed. At least she had her talent, her getaway from all the problems that came up.

At least she had her secret.

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