(No) Ordinary life Original story

This is a group story by me and 7Rachel7.

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Chapter 1


7Rachel7 characters (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=60510815&.locale=hr)

Name: Brett
Looks: Black short hair, Blue Eyes, tall, muscular and light skinned
Personality: funny but quiet, caring, protective and helpful
Powers: Can transform into a wolf (Werewolf)
Love Interest: Phoebe

Name: Jason
Looks: Blonde spikey hair, Green Eyes, Medium height, muscular and light skinned
Personality: loud, chatty, funny, daring, kind and supportive
Powers: can move things with his mind (Telekinesis)
Love Interest: Jasmine

Name: Jasmine
Looks: long Red hair dyed, Brown Eyes, Medium height, slim and light skinned
Personality: Helpful, bubbly, outgoing, fiery and flirty
Powers: can do spells (witch)
Love Interest: Jason

My characetrs (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=60511521&.locale=hr)

Looks:Long brown hair,blue eyes,tall,curvy tan
Powers: A Fairy of the elemnts and a half witch
Love interst:Brett

Looks:Blonde medium hair,green eyes,short,curvy,tan
Powers:Controls sound,can transform into an any kind of animal
Love interst:Xander

Looks:Short brown messy hair,brown eyes,tall,light skinned
Personality:Fun,sometimes rough (only when he needs to be),outgoing,shy
Powers: Read minds and travels throw timw
Love intrest:Roxy

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