Black Umbrellas (An Original Story)

Black Umbrellas (An Original Story)

Dudley Wilson is dead, in Heaven. Tiff Bright is living in Hell. Plagued by guilt and grief, she cuts herself off from reality. Until, a few weeks after Dudley's tragic death, Tiff stumbles across the Black Umbrellas -- a group of people who specialize in a number of questionable areas -- and is finally driven over the edge.

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Chapter 1


by: Skyling

Before I start this story, I would like to make clear that in no way is it light-hearted. It isn’t like anything else that I’ve ever written.

This is a story combining some of the most horrible elements of life and so I would definitely not recommend it for younger readers. It may contain course language, violence and adult themes, so, if you are offended by any of these, please, do not continue on.

However, if you do, I would greatly appreciate your support and constructive criticism.

Also, I have so far been fortunate enough never to lose someone close to me. If you have, this story may not be the one for you. I would hate to hurt anyone with my writing.

Again, this is something very different to my other stories. So it’s exciting to be working on something this unusual for me, but also extremely daunting.

The first few chapters may not be as written as well as I would like them to be, for that exact reason.

But, my love to you all, and if you think you may enjoy, I hope to hector that you do.


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