spoby #1. '' will i see you again? ''

spoby #1. '' will i see you again? ''


Chapter 1

vivid shivers as we kissed.

I frolicked my hair off my head and felt it tingle down to my neck. He gently rubbed my neck and smiled at me, i pulled myself back taking in the warmth of his hands. As he was about to relocate them back to his pockets i quickly flinched and grabbed them, holding them against mine. His smile grew. '' Spencer . He calmly whispered. I gave him a quick ' Mmm? ' and continued to pull myself closer to him. His sweater staining my flesh. I have to go now, I don't want to - '' He could see my anxious smile fading. '' But, we will see each other again soon, I promise . I know ''. I sighed.

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