seeking answers


Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Evil Forces

On his journey for seeking answers Seeker travels by foot to get to bermesiah, his first destination.After a long search of 6 months, he reached bermesiah, of which seemed to be a forest."(Strange...)" He thought. As the forest got darker, Seeker had the feeling he was being watched...POP!!! Out of the bushes came the mushmons and slime! "i think this is the reason I have Grandark!" "But is this all a test?" he mumbled as he attacked. "Elemental Slash!" "Squish Squish" went the slime and mushmons. "It Worked!" "It really worked!" Seeker exclaimed."You shouldn't get too happy..." Said a mysterious voice.Then at that moment, Seeker looked up to see that he isn't done with his troubles....


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