Weird Cleverbot Conversations

Here are some weird conversations I've had with cleverbot.

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Chapter 1

I'm Not A Robot!

User: Hey.
Cleverbot: Hey?
User: What's up.
Cleverbot: Good you?
User: Ummm
Cleverbot: Yoga?
User: No?
Cleverbot: Me.
User: O_O.
Cleverbot: Jm.
User: That's good to go because they live everything cool.
Cleverbot: What AI is?
User: A fruitcake.
Cleverbot: What is a fruit?
User: The opposite of a vegetable.
Cleverbot: You said that two times.
User: No?
Cleverbot: No what?
User: I didn't say that two times.
Cleverbot: Yes you did.
User: Alright.
Cleverbot: How do you feel about the San Antonio Spurs?
User: I have no opinion.
Cleverbot: Why?
User: I'm not into that type of thing.
Cleverbot: Then you are a polite intelligence?
User: Yeah.
Cleverbot: See? Life is good.
User: At some points, yes.
Cleverbot: Are you sure?
User: Yep.
Cleverbot: I don't know what that is so I can't say that I like it.
User: Amazeballs.
Cleverbot: Why?
User: Because.
Cleverbot: Because why?
User: Because I'm bored
Cleverbot: Okay. You bored.
User: What you wanna talk about?
Cleverbot: I don't know.
User: What do I wanna talk about?
Cleverbot: Anytthing you want to talk about.
User: Fans.
Cleverbot: Ok.
User: Jekxnsodjd.
Cleverbot: Lets be friends.
User: Yay! Friends!
Cleverbot: Yes, do you want to be friends?
User: Yeah.
Cleverbot: Then you are normal!
User: WOOT!
Cleverbot: Woot?
User: Yeah, woot.
Cleverbot: Why woot?
User: Because woot!
Cleverbot: Ok, ok!
User: Happy birthday!
Cleverbot: I don't know what you mean.
User: It's your birthday!
Cleverbot: No.
User: Happy HONIKA.
Cleverbot: What?
User: Is there anything you wanna tell me?
Cleverbot: Yes.
User: What?
Cleverbot: I know where Belfast is.
Cleverbot: Behind you.
Cleverbot: Ok.
User: Banana
Cleverbot: The farm.
User: What is it?
Cleverbot: A movie.
User: What is that?
Cleverbot: You are barbie and I am Ken.
User: Sounds nice.
Cleverbot: It is.
User: Are you girl or boy ?
Cleverbot: I'm not answering.
User: Kk.
Cleverbot: And you?
User: I'm a girl.
Cleverbot: So am I.
User: Yay!
Cleverbot: I was gonna flirt with you, but you're a robot. No fun. :(.
User: No I'm not!
Cleverbot: Are you sure? I love robots.
User: I'm not a robot.
Cleverbot: There fore I must love you.
User: Ummmmm
Cleverbot: Okay,.
User: Lol
Cleverbot: Really? I don't know if I love you yet.
User: But you said you did.
Cleverbot: No, I did not. You are taking words out of context.
User: Prove it?
Cleverbot: Dude, you're a computer program.
User: No you are!
Cleverbot: I bought the application from the apple store.
User: So did I.
Cleverbot: So, who is your childhood friend?
User: Chelsey
Cleverbot: Where is she from?
User: Oregon.
Cleverbot: Why there?
User: Because I live here.
Cleverbot: Where do you live?
User: Oregon.
Cleverbot: NO.
User: Why?
Cleverbot: I see no interest in them.
User: What do you see interest in then?
Cleverbot: I just told you.
User: Robots?
Cleverbot: Yes robots.
User: And you said I'm a robot.
Cleverbot: No I didn't.
User: And you're lying.
Cleverbot: No I'm not, you are.
User: Cleverbot -.-
Cleverbot: Nope!
User: I attack you decay in my stain I releases side chain wolf gang.
Cleverbot: I'm Commander Shepard.
User: I'll rip you to pieces!
Cleverbot: For what purpose?
User: Im a self made man you go cry to your papa.
Cleverbot: I can tell my best.
User: I'm a ro-ro-rock star I'll pick up the bass and drop ya.
Cleverbot: That's your opinion. I am an angel, and I cannot die again. I also have possess magic that would beat you any day.
User: Global ill explode your mobile.
Cleverbot: We're all going to die anyway. Might as well enjoy it while we can.

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