TVD (Book 1)- Hellfire

Stefan was born to be the ripper and the ripper was created to serve Cade.

Read/Don't read it's your choice, keep rude comments to yourselves and thank you for your time


Ps: It shouldn't interfer with my Ripper series, think of it as a darker side story slightly overlaping the first

Chapter 1


Name: Angela Mikaelson
Nickname: Angel
Appearance: 5'9, 110 lbs, wavy dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, is usually seen in dresses unless it's cold then prefers jeans & a hoodie
Age: 21-22 (when turned into an orginial vampire/1033+, is the middle Mikaelson sibling)
Species: Orginial Vampire
Best Friends: Mikael, Freya, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, Rebekah, Stefan, Damon, Elena, Melissa, Katherine, Avery, Landon, Meredith, Jeremy, Tyler, Lexi, Marcel, Davina, Aiden, Josh, Hayley, Jackson and Wesley
Love Interest: Stefan Salvatore
Enemies: Caroline Forbes (the others I don't hate but I don't like either)

Name: Melissa Kenner
Nickname: Melis
Appearance: 5'8", 95 lbs, straight to her shoulders dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, jeans and a hoodie mostly
Age: 24
Species: Werewolf (Evenutal Hybrid)
Best Friends: Angela, Jackson, Aiden, Stefan, Freya, Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, Niklaus, Hayley, Josh, Damon, Avery, Landon, Marcel & Davina
Love Interest: Niklaus Mikaelson
Enemies: Caroline, Bonnie, Enzo and Finn (the others I don't hate but I don't like either)

Name: Wesley Dakota Saltzman
Nickname: Wes
Appearance: usually wears plaid and flannels, little to no make up, heels or boots, 5'8, 110 lbs
Age: 28
Species: Vampire
Best Friends: Angela, Melissa, Alaric, Damon, Marcel and Stefan Wes you better not break rule 1
Love Interest: Damon Salvatore
Enemies: the witches of new orleans, the sirens and the vampires

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