The Ripper and The Psycho: A Vampire Diaries Love Story Book10 (Ripper No More)

Last book in our TVD series, please keep rude comments to yourselves and enjoy the story

if I decided to stick around, in a couple of weeks this book will be original based moving slowly into our Originals series. If we start a Originals series Wes, Chas and I will be part time writers as we do not have Original love Interests

We hope you like our story and thank you for your time


Chapter 1

Main Characters

Throughout the book
Angela Mikaelson
Melissa Kenner
and Wesley Saltzman

Minor Characters (at the moment)
Chastity Avery
Landon Gerard though I'm still not sure why Danny decided to change her name...might change it back to Danielle Lockwood as I doubt Marcellus wants his daughter dating Kol after what happened to poor Davina thanks to the Mikaelson family, who he hates
and Avery Salvatore because she's barely around as it is

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