Lean On Me- TVD

Lean On Me- TVD

Rude comments will be deleted but not before I advise you to f(uc)k yourself and die so do yourselves a favor and keep them to yourself


Ps To Ange, the series may be over but you aren't alone...Wes and I are here even if it's just for a shoulder to cry on.

Chapter 1


My character is me, so if you have a problem with her; you sure as hell will have a problem with me

Name: Melissa Cooper
Nickname(s): Melis (By Inner Circle only, mostly by Ange who gave me the nickname in Junior high) and Mel (by everyone else)
Petname: Baby
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Birthday: April 16th 1990
Species: Human
Appearance: Perfers comfy clothes that shows off her body nicely
Personality: Privellaged Party Girl
Title: The Fun One
Reputation: Semi S(lu)t
Status: Alive
Inner Circle: Ange, Avs, Chas and Wes
Close friends: Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhandler, Steven R Mcqueen and Zach Roerig
Love Interest: Michael Trevino
Occupation: Fashion Assissant
Family: To busy to care
Future Family: Angela Trevino (Daughter)
Secret: was forced to get an abortion at 14
Extra: considers her friends family

Name: Angela Ducommun
Nickname(s): Ange (by inner circle) and Angel (by everyone else)
Petname: Sweetheart
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Birthday: July 5th 1989
Species: Human
Appearance: jeans, tank tops and hoodies with hair clipped up unless lazy
Personality: Popular Girl Next Door
Title: Drama Queen
Reputation: Queen Bee
Status: Alive
Inner Circle: Avery, Chastity, Melissa and Wesley
Close friends: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Michael Trevino and Danielle Campbell
Love Interest: Paul Wesley
Occupation: Actress
Family: dead mother, estrange father, no siblings but loves her aunts and grandparents more than anything
Future Family: Pawel Tomasz Wasilewski/Paul Wesley Junior (Son) and Nikolina Konstantinova Wasilewski/Nina Wesley (Daughter)
Secret: had a small girl crush on Nina when they first met before they became best friends
Extra: considers her friends family

Name: Sierra 'Wesley' Colton
Nickname(s): Wes
Petname: Cutie
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Birthday: December 25th 1988
Species: Human
Appearance: Usually wears anything depends on the weather
Personality: Tries to follow rules the best she can, always defends her friends
Title: New Girl
Reputation: Quiet but Clever
Status: Alive
Inner Circle: Angela, Avery, Chastity and Melissa
Close friends: Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, Michael Trevino, and Matt Davis
Love Interest: Ian Somerhalder
Occupation: Actress/Bartender
Family: Too busy to care
Future Family: Claire Silas Somerhalder (daughter), Ian Somerhalder (Husband)
Secret: She has a sectet job as a bartender
Extra: considers her friends family

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