Content "Ownership" on Quibblo

"You must enter an introduction." Yeah, no.

Chapter 1

Content "Ownership" on Quibblo

I remember the biggest reason I quit Quibblo around the end of 2013 was because I heard around the site that Quibblo himself (or staff/the site or whatever) owned all the content you created. As in, they had the rights to it. This was back when Quibblo had its original owner (the owner changed, right?)

I'm very out of the loop with Quibblo and coming back to new information and less people has been a bit of a shock, and a bit overwhelming.

But I want to know if the site really does have the rights to what I create. If I want to put my stories or anything here, I'd like to have right myself. I guess I do have some hope for the site after all.

Thank you to those who can answer me!


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