The Unknown Mikaelson

Ange and I tried to create somthing kind of like this years ago but it didn't work out

I can't shake the idea so I'm going to try again and if any other VD/TO fans want to join me that would be great, I'd be happy to add you

This is original fiction, please keep rude comments to yourselves and thank you so much for your time


Ps if changed to a group story the title will be changed to "You Can't Promise Me Forever...Can You?"

Chapter 1

My Character

by: _Ryan_
Name: Ryan Mikaelson (born Henry Johnson)
Nickname: Ry
Gender: Male
Age: 20/1000+
Birthday: July 15th (10 days after Angela's birthday)
Birthplace: San Fansciso California
Best Friends: Angela, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, Rebekah, Freya, Davina, Hayley, Hope and Mikael
Close Friends: Marcellus, Josh, Aiden, Jackson, Mary, Nick, Keelin, Cami, Vincent and Kaleb
Other Friends: Stefan, Damon, Tyler, Jeremy, Matt, Enzo, Valerie, Nora, Sarah and Sybil
Acquaintances: Silas, Amara, Tatia, Katerina/Katherine, Nadia, Vicki, Kelly, Jamie, Bonnie and Kai
Frenemies: Tristian De Martel and Lily Salvatore
Enemies: Cade, Julian, The Hallow, Seline and anyone else not listed above
Love Interest: Joshua "Josh" Rosza after Aiden's death
Lover: Kaleb Westaphall before he was possessed by Kol (Desceased)
Ex: Aaron Whitmore (Desceased)
Family: Angela Mikaelson (Adoptive Mother/Best Friend), Mikael (Adoptive Grandfather), Esther (Adoptive Grandmother), Freya and Rebekah (Adoptive Aunts) Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol and Henrik (Adoptive Uncles), Marcel and Hope (Adoptive cousins via Niklaus), Davina (Adoptive second cousin/niece via Marcellus) and Stefan Salvatore (Honorary Adoptive Stepfather) I haven't decided if Angela and Stefan should start this one married or not
Extra: birth parents died at the hands of the ripper due to a favor asked of his old friend by Ryan's adoptive uncle Niklaus.

My backstory is almost completely the same as Marcel's, I was abused by my father my entire life true fact, a Mikaelson found me, saved me, took me in and loved me like a son but unlike Marcellus, my 'Mikaelson Parent' didn't turn me into a vampire; she asked one of her siblings to do it.

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