One Dance; Volume One

Daisy Marshall (born Alianna Labonair) is the older sister of Hayley Marshall. She's always felt an obligation to protect her. When Daisy meets and falls in love with Elijah Mikaelson, she thinks she has a chance until she finds out her sister is in love with him too. She ends lying and saying she doesn't love him so Hayley and Elijah can be together, but it doesn't go as planned. Will Daisy get her love? (Based off Alexander Hamilton, Angelica & Eliza Schuyler.)

Chapter 1


Daisy stood face to face with Elijah as he held out his hand, asking for a dance.

The first time they met, they danced.

This had a deeper meaning, she knew it.

Elijah had such a hopeful look on his face.

She couldn't do that to Hayley, so she walked past him.

"I'm sorry, Elijah, I can't." The blonde said, her voice nearly breaking.

Elijah spun around and grabbed her arm, pulling her into a hug. Something felt different. From Tatia, from Katerina, Celeste, Elena, Hayley. This girl felt different. They always joked it was her blonde hair, because he had a history of brunettes. But no. This beautiful blonde girl had a heart of gold. He knew he wouldn't ever come before her sister, but he hoped one day she'd consider him family.

The two stood there in the rain, in silence, just being in each other's embrace.

"Dance with me." Elijah said, his voice gentle, and vulnerable, something she'd heard before.

She nodded and stepped back with a smile, placing her hand in his.

"I'll dance with you."

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