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Which Military Branch Should You Join?

Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, or Navy?

Posted on October 12, 2017 by Quibblo

Which of the five branches of the military should you join? If you're considering enlisting but don't know which branch fits you best, this quiz can help you: What Branch of The Military Should You Join?

Air Force

The Air Force (USAF) is the United States' source of air and space power. This branch is the most recent addition to the U.S. Armed Forces, founded in 1947. Its primary mission is to fly planes, helicopters and satellites. USAF also provides air support for land and naval forces. There are approximately 318,000 active duty personnel currently in the Air Force.

So you see yourself in the Air Force? At Basic Training you will explore topics such as history, tradition, first aid, and many other things you may not have learned during a civilian career. After Basic you head off to Technical Training where you can learn things ranging from flying jets to firefighting! When you finish those you can officially be called an Airman.

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The US Army is primarily the land power for the US, at home and abroad. Its goal is to move into an area, secure it and instill order before it leaves. It also guards US properties around the world. The Army is the largest branch of the Armed Forces with the Regular Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserves totally over 1 million soldiers.

You want to be in the Army? You like solid ground under your feet and like to use some of the most advanced weaponry in the modern world. After you enlist you go get to go through nine weeks of basic training where you learn skills such as basic marksmanship, endurance, teamwork, leadership, and the seven core values. As soon as you complete that, you have the privilege of going to Advanced Individual Training. This is where you actually learn how to do your job. Then, you report to your first active duty station and begin your Army career.

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Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is concerned mostly with domestic waterways. The Coast Guard executes rescues, law enforcement, drug trade prevention and clearing of waterways. One unique aspect of the Coast Guard is that they are responsible for maritime law enforcement both domestically and abroad. In peacetime, the USCG operates under the Department of Homeland Security, but can be transferred to the Navy at anytime or during wartime.

While the Coast Guard is the smallest branch of the US Armed Forces, with around 40,000 enlisted, it is the 12th largest naval force in the world.

Marine Corps

The Marines (USMC) are known as the US' rapid reaction force. They are trained to fight both by land and by sea. Marines are typically the first "boots on the ground" in a conflict zone.

The USMC was founded as a sort of amphibious hybrid between the Army and the Navy. The Marine Corps is the second smallest of the U.S. Armed Forces, with 182,000 active duty members.

The training required for the Marines is very selective and known for its difficulty. But after boot camp, infantry training, and advanced training, you will become part of a time-honored group of men and women who along with the rest of the services have agreed to serve our country.

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The United States Navy (USN) is the naval warfare branch of the US Armed Forces. The US Navy is the largest and most capable navy in the world. The Navy is frequently called to action during peacetime and during regional crises. While the Coast Guard is mainly concerned with ensuring that domestic waters are safe, the Navy is focused on keeping the oceans of the world safe.

When you enlist in the Navy, be prepared to endure eight weeks of boot camp. This is where the Navy transformation from civilian to Sailor happens. After graduating for boot camp you will move on to "A" School, where you will learn your trade!

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