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Which Pokemon are you?

What do you get on these Pokemon quizzes?

Posted on October 20, 2017 by Quibblo

Take one of these three quizzes to see which Pokemon, character, or Pokemon type you are.

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Which Pokemon Are You?


All you want to do is help others, and it makes others like you a lot. You care for everyone, not just your friends.


You seem to get upset easily. You can get what you want most of the time just by crying until someone gives in. Even though you are sad a lot, and difficult to read, people think you are fun to be around.


You know anger the most, of all your emotions. You hold grudges against people, and swear to take revenge on anyone who gets in your way. You have a heart of power, and you constantly use that power in a bad way.


You just want to have a good time with life. You brighten everyone's day as you walk by them. You are carefree, and are happy constantly.


You are a brave fighter. You train yourself to be strong both with your mind, and physically. Others look to you as someone they can count on.


Some people find you funny, but most find you annoying. You seemed to make even the most dire situations less dire. Perhaps you should talk a bit less.


All you care about is eating and sleeping. You can pretty much say, you take life easy, and you handle stress well. It would help if you were a bit more social though.


You are incredibly shy, but when you express yourself, others see your true strength. People are not sure if they like you, because of your shyness.


You enjoy making people miserable, and you find fun doing bad things. You seem to get in trouble a lot for being a troublemaker.


You are mysterious, yet caring. You would take a bullet for anyone you care about. For that, you are very respected and loved.

Which Pokemon Character Are You?

Ash Ketchum

Look at you! You're the main character of Pokemon (next to Pikachu). You are caring and friendly to any person or Pokemon and never leave anyone out. You can sometimes be arrogant which might get you in some bad situations but when you battle you are confident and never give up! You are also known to be a Pokemon trainer and the Pokemon Master.


Hey you're Brock! You are really caring to people and Pokemon and you are mature and wise. You will usually put others before yourself and will help and support your friends...even against your better judgment or at your own expense. You have the love of rock type Pokemon and you are known to be a Pokemon breeder or doctor.


Congrats, you are May! You are generally sweet, caring and kind but can be a go-getter type of confident person. You sometimes show your tough side too. You mostly like cute Pokemon and love eating, and you are known to be a coordinator.


Congrats! You're Misty! Your personality is complex at times, but your mood can change quickly! You are very friendly, responsible and love water-type Pokemon. You can be afraid of Bug type Pokemon! You are known to be a gym leader or a trainer.


Yay! looks like you're Dawn! You are carefree and confident but sometimes overconfident. When you make mistakes it might take awhile to recover and strive to do better. You mostly like cute type Pokemon and you are known to be a coordinator (Dawn is probably the girliest person of any Pokemon character).

What Pokemon Type Are You?


Due to your very, very enigmatic personality, you are left with one option: Ditto. You have aspects from all types, and thus can't settle for just one or two. While you are very likable, nobody knows what your mood will be next.


You are a brave, powerful, and logistic fighter. You're sought after by trainers, and your power has made you a respected creature.


You have a pretty dark sense of humor, and you love to play practical jokes. You're just the kind of person that chuckles while predicting doomsday.


You're cool, smooth and a strong fighter, yet many people look down on you because of your appearance. You prove them wrong time and time again, however, and that has earned their respect.


You are cheerful, optimistic, and sympathetic. You love nature, and prefer to avoid conflict. But you're ready to face it if it means helping someone in need.


You like to be alone, preferable in the dark, and you're extremely territorial. You make friends with other secluded people. In battle,

you like to stay on the defensive side.


You have a cold, tough exterior, but on the inside, you have a good heart. But when annoyed with someone you tend to use methods more extreme than needed.


You are calm, secluded and have constant peace of mind. You prefer to be alone, in order to hone your skills, and that has made you a powerful fighter.


You have a natural need for speed. You're a thrill seeker, who lives by "Near Death + Survival = FUN!" You're also quite the fighter, and you can wipe the floor with most.


You live to battle. When you aren't battling, you're training, getting ready for a fight. You keep yourself well physically conditioned, and eat a healthy diet.


While hot-tempered, you are very trustworthy. In battle, you prefer to use sheer power paired with complex strategy.


You're smooth and easygoing, and that's earned you a large circle of friends. Despite that, you're always ready for a fight, anytime, anywhere.


You have a toxic personality, but you are a vicious fighter. You are fascinated with science and making the most dangerous potions.


You aren't very big on fighting, but you're a great friend. You don't judge, and you have a natural desire to help others.


You're cool, distant, and somewhat aloof. Your cold nature kind of isolates you, but you find friends in others who are the same way.


Fierce, protective and outgoing - those words all describe you. You love the fresh air on your face, and have a deep love for travel. In fact, you practically live to see new places.


"???" is the mysterious type of the Shadow moves and Curse. Pokemon of this type are judged by their actions, not personalities. Simply put, you live to fight and kill.


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