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Xbox One X Released Today

Microsoft's Newest Game Console is Loaded With Upgrades

Posted on November 07, 2017 by Quibblo

The Xbox One X released today. It is the latest addition to the Xbox console lineup. Microsoft calls it "the world's most powerful console". It is Microsoft's first step into 4K Ultra HD gaming, and it looks be an impressive step.

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Which Xbox One X Games Are 4K?

There is a long list of titles that have One X enhancements or support 4K gameplay. Most newer games are Xbox One X enhanced, which means the game is optimized for Xbox One X's graphic and performance capabilities. Many titles are already available in 4K ultra HD or HDR. HDR10 games will have more vivid colors and better contrast.

These are some of the most popular games that currently support 4K gaming:

Xbox One X Hardware

The new Xbox has an 8-core CPU, which brings enhanced AI, real-world detail and smoother game-play. One X has more graphic memory which means users get bigger worlds and faster load times. Its high-performance graphic processing is incredible, giving gamers more life-like detail and realistic animations.

The Xbox One X sees improvements in all categories and is packed into a smaller package (a very sleek, clean one, too) than the Xbox One S. Eurogamer says, "What the Xbox One X's design lacks in personality, it more than makes up for in economy of size and quietness of sound." Eurogamer also calls Halo 5 in 4K one of the best-looking games of this generation.

Should You Get an Xbox One X?

If you haven't upgraded your console in awhile and are stuck playing your Nintendo Gamecube, now is a great time to get up to date. To fully enjoy the features of the Xbox One X, you will need a 4K TV. Gaming in 4K at 60 fps seems to be enough for those who have already experimented with the console. Xbox 360 and other Xbox games are compatible with the new console. This could help you make your decision if you wan't to be able to keep playing your old games.

The Xbox One X has a leg up on the Playstation 4 Pro in speed and power. It certainly sets the standard for gaming in 4K.

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