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Top 5 Costliest Hurricanes in United States History

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Posted on September 06, 2017 by Quibblo

With the devastation of Hurricane Harvey making headlines, and the southeastern United States bracing for Hurricane Irma, we take a look back at some of the costliest Atlantic Hurricanes in history. 51 hurricanes have caused over $1 billion in damage. Over the last decade, tropical systems have caused a total of $310 billion in damage, with Katrina and Sandy being the costliest. The Gulf Coast is no stranger to tropical storms and their devastation. If you find yourself hunkered down, taking shelter from Hurricane Irma, you can take quizzes on Quibblo to pass the time, if you're bored

The New York Times called Irma, "One of the most powerful Atlantic storms ever recorded," after the storm registered wind speeds of 185 mph.

Top 5 Costliest Hurricanes

While Harvey looks to have caused more damage than Katrina and Sandy combined, these are the top 5 costliest Hurricanes prior to Harvey.

  1.  Katrina (2005) - This storm devastated the New Orleans area. It was a reminder of the importance of disaster mitigation and relief systems in the wake of destructive storms. Poverty levels in the affected area were high, which made the devastation much worse. Many high-profile celebrities, like Jay-Z and Diddy, made contributions to disaster relief organizations like the Red Cross.
    • Damage: $108 Billion
    • Areas Affected: The Bahamas / United States Gulf Coast
  2. Sandy (2012) - The second costliest hurricane in U.S. history is also referred to as "Superstorm Sandy". This storm was unique because it affected areas so much farther North than is typically associated with hurricanes/cyclones. Sandy's surge was over 13 feet in Battery Park, New York.
    • Damage: $75 Billion
    • Areas Affected: The Caribbean, Eastern United States, Eastern Canada
  3. Ike (2008) - Ike's damage was concentrated mostly in Texas. In one 60 day period, Texas was hit by Hurricane Ike along with 3 other hurricanes/tropical storms.
    • Damage: $37.5 Billion
    • Areas Affected: Greater Antilles, Texas, Louisiana, Midwestern United States
  4. Wilma (2005) - Wilma caused widespread destruction to infrastructure in Florida. It was reported that approximately 6 million people lost power.
    • Damage: $29.4 Billion
    • Areas Affected: Greater Antilles, Central America, Florida
  5. Andrew (1992) - Hurricane Andrew ripped through Florida in 1992. It left 65 people dead and indirectly later killed another 43. While this category five storm was so devastating, NBC News reported that Hurricane Irma is even stronger.
    • Damage: $26.5 Billion
    • Areas Affected: The Bahamas, Florida, United States Gulf Coast

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