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Using Quibblo to Improve Your Business


Posted on January 12, 2018 by Quibblo

Get Customer Feedback

You can use a quiz or a survey to gather customer insight data. Ask questions about your company's latest release, or about people's opinion of your brand. Customer service can be improved if people are giving you information about their experience.

Get New Ideas

Distribute an open-ended question to your customers or potential customers to learn more about their needs. You can improve the communication between your brand and your target market. You can spark new ideas on how your company can meet your target's needs.

Evaluate Employee Satisfaction

Quibblo is a good way to learn about your employees. Your employees can remain anonymous to encourage honest feedback. This focus on the health of your brand internally can reveal insight into other areas your business may be hurting.

Increase Brand Engagement

You can create branded quizzes on Quibblo to promote your brand. Customers will interact with your brand and your company's message. This will increase awareness about your brand.

Marketing Your New Product or Service

Use Quibblo to introduce your product to users. Our users are tech-savvy and creative, which could be the target market you were looking for.


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