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  • Pariboro Thumb


    Forty tiles of three colors lie on the grid before you, and your job is to clear as many tiles as you can. If the slot machine ever produces a pair of tiles that can't be cleared from the board, the game ends. It's as simple as that; keep clearing lines to stay alive and rack up more points. Along with the simplicity, you will notice the fine balance between luck and strategy that you'll need to play this game.
  • Gem Trees Thumb

    Gem Trees

    Gemstones are produced by Gem Trees. Gather a high harvest. Big gems rise in prices.
  • Solo Words Thumb

    Solo Words

    This Solitaire style word game is perfect for word game lovers and casual gamers everywhere. Players race through 4 rounds where they have to play two through five letter words before the clock runs out. SoloWords was developed from scratch specifically for the MochiAds Word Play flash game contest for We hope you enjoy it.
  • Bugs Thumb


    Match the same styled bugs together and kill them.Enjoy playing all of the ten bug's worlds.
  • Black Jack by Thumb

    Black Jack by

    Welcome to Black Ace Poker's Casino! Earn much money you can with our Black Jack in five minutes!
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