GK - 1st in India

by: umakiyer

This is a quiz about all the firsts in India.

  1. 1

    Who won the first booker prize from India

  2. 2

    Who was the the first Indian to receive the Nobel Prize

  3. 3

    Which sport gave the first Olympic medal to India

  4. 4

    Who was the first Indian to score a century?

  5. 5

    Who was the first female governor?

  6. 6

    There have been 1st Indian Nobel Prize winners in 3 of these areas. Which area has an Indian not yet won an award

  7. 7

    Which was the first tv serial in India?

  8. 8

    Which is India's first Formula 1 Team?

  9. 9

    Which was India's first Internet Magazine?

  10. 10

    First bowler to take a hat-trick in Test Match

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