Does he like me?!?!?!?!? Help me, idk if he likes me

by: bodes13

Does he like me??

  1. 1

    He always smiles when he walks past me

  2. 2

    He always talks to me, and when he does, he either flirts,stares into my eyes,or makes a funny joke

  3. 3

    Most of the time he asks me to dance with him at dances

  4. 4

    He always comes to me if he needs something

  5. 5

    When I offer him to keep the change when i buy something from him (earrings )( 1.50 ), he says, " No, you keep it, it's ur money."

  6. 6

    He always smiles when we are put into a group together

  7. 7

    He gives me candy/food when I ask if anyone has food

  8. 8

    He laughs at my dumb/stupid jokes

  9. 9

    He quite his drums in band and joined saxophone ( I'm in saxophone )

  10. 10

    He sits next to me at lunch sometimes

  11. 11

    He talks about me with his guy friends

  12. 12

    He like always picks me to be on his basketball team at recess

  13. 13

    Last question: Do you think he actually likes me?

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