will you survive

by: Red_Diamond

my friend CRIMSONMOON8 wanted me to do this so i will.

  1. 1

    when a killer comes at you with a knife what would you do

  2. 2

    a killer is chocking you what with you do

  3. 3

    you are in the park and hear a noice near by what do you do

  4. 4

    you get unknown threaten calls what you do

  5. 5

    you accidentally went into a alley and you are corner by a man what you do

  6. 6

    a man capture you in a deserted pleace what you do

  7. 7

    i man asked you to help him find something you say

  8. 8

    you hear a a crash in your house what you do

  9. 9

    you get thrown in a car you never seen what you do

  10. 10

    a shot gun is pointed at your head what you do

  11. 11

    a man you never se gave you a drink you...

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