is YOUR friend a TRUE friend?

by: Jesus_freak1996

ok,yea i did get this quiz off of someone else,but i didnt like the way it went(not saying anything bad to the person who made it) som im gonna make a different one

  1. 1

    if you tell your friend something really important and you told her/him not to tell anyone what would she do?

  2. 2

    what would your friend do if you invited her up,then said that you couldnt come up because one of her family members was sick?

  3. 3

    if you spilled your drink on your lap,what would your friend do?

  4. 4

    if you found this really amazing website,but everyone thought it was wierd,what would your friend say?

  5. 5

    you wake up one morning to find that you left your favorite watch at your friends house that night,you call her and realize its like 3 AM,what does she do?

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