"New Moon" quptes! ("New Moon" is the 2nd book in the Twilight series if u don't no!)

by: Lifes_A_Song

HELLO! I'm obsessed with these books! Can u guess wat each person said!?

  1. 1

    who said "That guy- he just jumped off the cliff!"

  2. 2

    who said "It doesn't look so great rite now."

  3. 3

    who said "Smile, Bella!"

  4. 4

    who said "Not tonight"

  5. 5

    who said "You have Romeo & Juliet memorized"

  6. 6

    who said " No, I'll mostly be watching you anyway. Will you cry?"

  7. 7

    who said "I'm so sorry, Bella." near the BEGINNING of the book.

  8. 8

    who said "Too much glass in the wound"

  9. 9

    who said "After Graduation?"

  10. 10

    who said " marry me first?"

  11. 11

    who said "Aw, Jake"

  12. 12

    who said "So what do we do with you now?"

  13. 13

    who said "Aro, the law claims them!"

  14. 14

    who said "I'd...rather...not."

  15. 15

    who said "Yes, Master"

  16. 16

    who said " Drop her"

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