what do u do to a boy/girl you like

by: stylish100

do u get nervice around a boy/girl u like?

  1. 1

    what do u do if u like a girl/boy

  2. 2

    what happeneds if she/him nows u like her/him

  3. 3

    if he/her ask u out what do u say

  4. 4

    if he says hi what do u say

  5. 5

    if u 2 were together on a study date what will u guys do

  6. 6

    what do u do if he/her saw a booger in ur nose

  7. 7

    what r u

  8. 8

    what happeneds if the boy/girl u like tell u they like u 2 what do u do

  9. 9

    what happened if the person u love finds out u like them but she/him dont like u

  10. 10

    what happeneds if the person u love moves some were else

  11. 11

    what happeneds if that person u liked were going out with ur best friend

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