WHAT EVER YOU DO, DO NOT PRESS HERE!!!!!! (Is your teacher/boss an alien ?)

by: coolrthenice

haha,i just wrote that to draw your attention now that i have it
ever wonder why your teacher is so grumpy Aat all the kids in the class?
Its because s/hes an alien !!!!
But it isnt that simple though so ive made a test to see your teachers a martian or plutonian or just a grumpy human

  1. 1

    you dont do your homework cuz you had a special religious ceremony your teacher

  2. 2

    youre the only one in your class get an a+ in a maths test your teacher

  3. 3

    your schools athletics/football team is about to face a rival school your coach

  4. 4

    imagine youre bunking and you bump into your teacher .your teacher

  5. 5

    would your teacher perhaps win an award for best teacher

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