What is your Gaming IQ?

by: BlackLite

Find out what your gaming IQ is!!! Every correct question is 10 to your IQ, 150 points total! You will get a statement then say what game fits it the best!

  1. 1

    Laser Power!!!

  2. 2

    Must beat Zezima!!!

  3. 3

    Ninja Style!!!

  4. 4

    Being made by Ensemble Studios now...

  5. 5

    Pandemic Studios

  6. 6

    Unkown 2D RPG game

  7. 7

    RTS game by Cavedog

  8. 8

    (Harder stuff) Which editor was made by Mark Overmars

  9. 9

    Which game was on a South Park episode in a more recent season (8+)

  10. 10

    My name is Carl Johnson (CJ for short) [Main Character of game]

  11. 11

    Said to be a recreation of Tribal Wars

  12. 12

    Game that involves space travel, but is only free online by a 14-day trial

  13. 13

    Made by Blizzard Entertainment

  14. 14

    What RPG maker seems to recently have closed down? (I can't get onto the website)

  15. 15

    Right, R Trigger, Up, White, White, Left, R Trigger, L Trigger, R Trigger, R Trigger is a cheat for faster cars on...

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