how down with the clown are u?

by: normac66

this quiz is to simply see how big of a juggalo are u

  1. 1

    wut is the second joker card

  2. 2

    how many joker cards are there

  3. 3

    wut is the name of the concert that they do every halloween

  4. 4

    wut is a is a gathering

  5. 5

    who is in the Insane clown posse?

  6. 6

    wut is a a juggalo

  7. 7

    wut is the pop that the people in icp drink

  8. 8

    wut did "ICP" stand for before insane clown posse

  9. 9

    wut was a group besides icp that shaggy was in

  10. 10

    do u like icp or twiztid

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