Is she cheating on you?

by: Anonymous2

Cheating has plagued love lives for generations. Sometimes, one never finds out about an affair a girlfriend has had. However, there are certain signs which might give one a clue as to whether (and exactly to what limit) the girlfriend is cheating. (Quoted from a website) Hopefully this quiz will help

  1. 1

    Do you strongly think you're being cheated on, think that maybe you are, or don't know at all

  2. 2

    At school or anywhere, does she try to avoid you?

  3. 3

    When your're in a group, do you ever notice her leave and then not know where she is?

  4. 4

    When you find her after, and ask her where she went, she:

  5. 5

    On messenger, or e-mail, or chat rooms (stuff like that) have you noticed:

  6. 6

    Does she seem more affectionate on those rare occasions when you're together?

  7. 7

    Does she seem eager to hang out with you when you're with a particular guy friend?

  8. 8

    Has she bought a whole new wardrobe?

  9. 9

    Have you caught her in a lie?

  10. 10

    When you confronted her on her lie, she:

  11. 11

    When that guy isn't around, she:

  12. 12

    When you asked if she's seeing someone else, she:

  13. 13

    Have you always just been really paranoid?

  14. 14

    Have they been hanging out at each others houses or gone out 'as friends'?

  15. 15

    She always TOLD you when she'd be hanging out with that guy

  16. 16

    Does something just not feel right?

  17. 17

    Has anyone else noticed something "weird" about your relationship?

  18. 18

    Has anyone seen her with another guy?

  19. 19

    Does she make excuses not to see you?

  20. 20

    What does your gut/instincts/mother say?

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