What does your hair color say about you?

by: nodumbblondexoxo

Your hair says alot about you.

  1. 1

    Do you like to be in charge?

  2. 2

    Do you have tons of opinoins about the world?

  3. 3

    Do you always have the hottest fashions when you go to school?

  4. 4

    Do you wear black as your full on outfit?

  5. 5

    When your told to do something by someone more important than you what do you do?

  6. 6

    When you get a B on a paper you...

  7. 7

    When your friends dared you to get a tatoo you...

  8. 8

    when you get upset you...

  9. 9

    When you look(or looked)for someone to spend ur life with or just go on a date you want them to be

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