R U CRAZY????????????????

by: Christ_Follower_1994

r u crazy or just a wannabe?

  1. 1

    ur trapped in a dark cave, the first thing u do is...

  2. 2

    u hate reading and u havta read a book for school, ur mom locks u in ur room and tells u to read it u...

  3. 3

    ur at a ___(insert fav baseball team)game ur best friend catches the winning ball but he/she pushed u to get it u...

  4. 4

    ur dropped off on a desert island, ur captures are tryin to decide whether to kill u or not, there is a loose board lying near by u...

  5. 5

    ur at wal-mart and r gonna buy the newest video game, theres only one left on the shelf, another person knocks u down an grabs it u...

  6. 6

    u hafta do a project 4 scool on the computer, ur little sis is on and refuses to get off u...

  7. 7

    ur watchin ur fav program on tv ur little bro decides to watch his stupid show, he changes the channel u...

  8. 8

    u have w/ u ur fav candy bar, a bully knocks u down and grabs it u...

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