Does he hate you? Or does he love you?

by: barbie94

Guys are known to be uncomplicated creatures but as humans, of course they are not. This quiz is to end your doubts to whether a guy with unknown behaviors is trying to let you know he hates or loves you.

  1. 1

    He continously bugs you

  2. 2

    He says he doesn't want to talk to you but ends up talkin to you someway online

  3. 3

    You find him looking at you constantly

  4. 4

    He talks about you as if you weren't there

  5. 5

    He has such an impact, you find yourself thinking about him constantly

  6. 6

    You hear he's talked about you before

  7. 7

    You think there might be someone else involved with his behavior

  8. 8

    Do your friends keep saying you should go out with him?

  9. 9

    At times he seems nicer than others

  10. 10

    Does his personality make you like HIM?

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