What's your sense of humor?

by: identitymad

Everyone has a different sense of humor. What's yours?

  1. 1

    Someone shows you a stick. First thought to pop into your mind?

  2. 2

    Do you have any inside jokes with your friends?

  3. 3

    Humor isn't all about talking. Is there any body language you use to go alongside your humor?

  4. 4

    If you could describe one good quality about yourself...

  5. 5

    Time to be honest. Pick a bad quality.

  6. 6


  7. 7

    You're hanging with some friends. What are you doing?

  8. 8

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

  9. 9

    Look, a stone statue.

  10. 10

    We've come to the end of the quiz. Any last words?

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