if you have completed kingdom hearts II, click here.

by: gangbot

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  1. 1

    what question does sephiroth ask about cloud when sora goes in battle with him???

  2. 2

    who is the final boss in kingdom hearts???

  3. 3

    how many bosses do you battle when you go through the door at the end of the world when sora, riku, kairi, donald, goofy, and king mickey are all at the alter of naught???

  4. 4

    how old is sora, riku, and kairi??? (this comes from the insruction manual)

  5. 5

    what is the color of the place when battling the final boss???

  6. 6

    who is sora's nobody???

  7. 7

    who is kairi's nobody???

  8. 8

    which one of these did sora say at the alter of naught???

  9. 9

    which is true???

  10. 10

    what is sora's main job in kingdom hearts II???

  11. 11

    how do you spell the final boss's name???

  12. 12

    what does riku and sora after they beat the final boss???

  13. 13

    what is the final thing that sora did in the game, before the credits???

  14. 14

    what is sora and his buddies, donald and goofy's, saying???

  15. 15

    which does demyx NOT say in this game???

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