are good in bed???

by: lindseyhannahkidwell

a fun test to see if you are good in bed, or just good at sleeping.

  1. 1

    would you rather wear stylish low cut v neck shirts with a really small mini skirt or something like a t-shirt and jeans or sweatpants?

  2. 2

    do feel comfortable when people see you in your underwear or bra??

  3. 3

    if someone accidentally walked in on you when in the shower or bathtub and saw u naked would you be okay with it?

  4. 4

    have you ever kissed someone besides your family?

  5. 5

    are you a virgin

  6. 6

    it doesnt matter how old you are losing youre viginity counts for every age how old are you?

  7. 7

    are you a lesbian, gay, or straight?

  8. 8

    have you ever told someone you love them

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