by: LovExiSxRawR

my friend made a quiz like this...but her intrests in music r kinda weird so ill make a little easier questions. maybe.
Some r pretty tricky and dont give many words. :]

  1. 1

    "Lemme see ya 2 0. Just shake dat 2 0."

  2. 2

    "ice all on my wrists diamonds all in the chain.."

  3. 3

    "Everybody in the party hold ya cup high move ya body "

  4. 4

    "Ive hoped for change it gets better everyday day ive hoped for change but still i feel the same"

  5. 5

    "What? is that all you got to say. What What? You're rubbing me the wrong way

  6. 6

    "Take me to new york id like to go someplace take me on a trip id love to see L.A"

  7. 7

    "Now I'm falling asleep and shes callin a cab while hes having a smoke"

  8. 8

    You've got this new head filled up with ssmoke and ive got my veins all tangled closed"

  9. 9

    "Kill me romanticly fill my soul with vomit then ask me fo a piece of gum"

  10. 10

    "Sleep my little darling"

  11. 11

    "Couldnt get a ticket it was a sold out show heard the roar of the crowd he could rip through the scene he put his head to the wall and like a distant scream heard one guitar"

  12. 12

    "Somehow Everything's Gonna Fall"

  13. 13

    " Do i attrat you do i repulse you with my queasy smile"

  14. 14

    "Yeah shes the one the only one built like an amazon"

  15. 15

    Thickening the air im breathing"

  16. 16

    Got my 6 string on my back dont need anything but that

  17. 17

    "We were both 16 and it felt so right"

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