Finish the story.Haunted house

by: Ghost_girl

Hi and welcome to this haunted house.Jk,ok so u will finish this story and you choose your fait thanxxx

  1. 1

    U move into a house with friends.But u did not know it was haunted.U see a figure in the window u say_____________

  2. 2

    You go bring your stuff to your room and unpack when suddenly you here footstep you_______

  3. 3

    That night Michelle,Danny,Diane,And you here Hazel scream upstairs she said there is something up stair and everbody_______

  4. 4

    So then everybody shuts up when they here a scream,they go cautiously and discover a secret gateway and find_______

  5. 5

    You were all scared that night so you slept in the same room you here a footstep and blood u do

  6. 6

    The next morning everybody recovers,You and Danny stay home while the other go for grocerys so u and danny talk and suddenly you here footstep u____________

  7. 7

    As you go to bed as last night you here screaming then you__________

  8. 8

    hazel is screaming because she is ________

  9. 9

    As she saw she killed Michelle so she said_______

  10. 10

    Danny, come down and shoots Hazel you_____

  11. 11

    Soon you relize it was the ghost poisoning our minds to kill each other so u________

  12. 12

    You come to the end of the hallway and there is #20 doors u choose__________

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