Can You Guess What I Look Like?

Can You Guess What I Look Like?

by: Edwardz_Rose

Hey, I'll tell you a little something before each question, so read carefully. Try to guess my height, weight (coughcough), eye color, hair color and my favourite artist/band. Comment whether you think it's corny or you like it! Free expression welcome! I accept all!

  1. 1

    Okay - My Height: I so wouldn't make it in the W.N.B.A., but I'm far from Five Foot Flat. What is it?

  2. 2

    (Dreadfully) My . . . Weight: I'm An Average Sized Girl - No Nicole Richie, But No Rosie O'Donnell! What's My Weight?

  3. 3

    My Favourite! My Eye Colour: People Always Tell Me I Have Gorgeous Eyes! They're So Not Black, But Not Quite White, Either! What Is It?

  4. 4

    My Hair: What Color? I'm No Britney Snow, But Penelope Cruz Isn't The Way I Go!

  5. 5

    Music! I Love Rock, Pop, Claypso & Some Orchestras. But Which Is My Favourite?

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