r u fat? the ultimate test

by: SnowAngel101

Have u eva wanted 2 no how u compare 2 other people? Now u can find out with this quiz. some quizzes r junk, but dis 1 is da best!!

  1. 1

    Has any1 not related 2 u called u fat??

  2. 2

    sit down on a chair and suck in your tummy. how many fat folds do u have?

  3. 3

    Can u run a mile? how tired r u?

  4. 4

    your butt is...

  5. 5

    stand up, suck that tummy in and look down. what do u see?

  6. 6

    r u comfortable in a bikini (girl) swim trunx (boy)??

  7. 7

    how many meals a day do u eat?

  8. 8

    which of these is closest 2 your breakfast?

  9. 9

    wats most like one of your dinners?

  10. 10

    wat sounds most like your desert?

  11. 11

    how many times a week do u exercise outside school?

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