Kind of Vampire are Yoou?? Girls ONLY!

Kind of Vampire are Yoou?? Girls ONLY!

by: Vampire_darklove

What kind of vampire are you?

  1. 1

    What time of day do you like the most?

  2. 2

    Choose some words;

  3. 3

    Your hunting and you see a hunting party of 5 or 6 hunting deer at the end of the woods. You:

  4. 4

    Your boyfriend wants you to go to the beach with him, the only problem is that its really really nice and sunny out. you;

  5. 5

    DONT CHANGE YOUR ANSWER! You go to the beach anyhow. Its hotter then you expected. You take off your hat. Your boyfriend notices your skin and you;

  6. 6

    DONT CHANGE UR ANSWER. You tell him its a new skin cream ur trying out. You suddenly begin to feel sick and dizzy.u realize with horror that you can only be out of the sun 4short amounts of time U;

  7. 7

    Dont change answer. You stay and end up in the ER. Great. I bet the doctors are scared because of your "No heart beat" problem.

  8. 8

    Final question; What do you like most about being a vampire.

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