What is your mood today?

What is your mood today?

by: TheaterTheFinalFrontier

Some people go would go crazy in these situations some would go with the flow.What would you do?Take the what is your mood quiz to find out.You never knoe you might be more happy or irritable than you thought!

  1. 1

    Your File get's deleted by accident you.......

  2. 2

    Your friend walks in with a broken skateboard it's yours the one she took without asking....

  3. 3

    Your sitting at your desk looking out the window thinking of the soccer game today and it starts raining, hailing!You.....

  4. 4

    You get back that test you really didn't study for D+ and as if your not devastated enough your friend asks what you got and show you her A+.You.....

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