which 1 of mi bezziz or me wud u date? (guyz onli or lezboz)

by: missmellars

hey, im jess n this is my quiz. lol. im gesin u wud like 2 no which 1 of mi beziz or me u wud be perfect wif, gud luk! luv ya!

  1. 1

    which best describes u??

  2. 2

    which wud be the ideal 1st kiss 4 u??

  3. 3

    where wud u take ur gal on ur 1st date??

  4. 4

    when it came down 2 meetin their parents, wot wud u do??

  5. 5

    wot wud u get 4 her 18th b day??

  6. 6

    where wud u take ur gal 2 propose??

  7. 7

    what wud ur perfect gal luk like?

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