Haunted house fun quiz!!! :)))))

by: XxX_Abby_XxX

haunted house fun quiz plz comment

  1. 1

    Ok, so your walking on the Haunted House trail with ur bf/gf and you try to look all brave & everything when your secretly scared. You fall into a trap!!

  2. 2

    you walk into the haunted house and this is a real haunted house, not just some Halloween joke. a ghost flies by and picks up ur bf/gf and takes them away!

  3. 3

    ahhh u fall down stairz!!!!!! that takes u lower & lower like an elevator..... then music starts playing like this is a good thing... when u land and get off ur at the bottom floor!!

  4. 4

    u see ur mom looking thru a window and beg for help! LOL NOT ur doomed u see an old dead moldy skull thru the windowW!!

  5. 5

    u actually do sit down and eat ur rice crispies on an old crate.. and u fall right thru hitting a switch!!!

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