What color dragon are you?

What color dragon are you?

by: Christ_Follower_1994

k so i got the idea for this quiz from a friend. and it took me forever to make. cuz of my stupid computer, it kept shutting down when i pushed continue, so plz enjoy this!

  1. 1

    who do u like to hang out with?

  2. 2

    a bully is picking on a kid at school, u...

  3. 3

    where would u most likely be on friday night?

  4. 4

    someone tells u ur stupid for having the beliefs u do, u...

  5. 5

    everyone in ur school decides to jump off a cliff w/ out bungie cords, u...

  6. 6

    ur lost in the woods for one night, u...

  7. 7

    ur siblings r fighting...again, u...

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