Who Performed These Songs?

Who Performed These Songs?

by: SoDamnCrazii___

Think u knw all the songs in the music world? Well think again!

  1. 1

    Drowning (Coz evrytime i breathe i take you in. And my heart beats again. Baby i cnt help it, You keep me drowning in ur love....)

  2. 2

    Angels In The Alleyway (Dancing in the alleyway, waiting for sumone to say come and dance with me....)

  3. 3

    In Too Deep (Coz im in too deep and im trying to keep up above of my head...)

  4. 4

    Miss You (i dont wana feel the way that i do. i just wana be ryt here with u, i dont wana see, see us apart, i jst wana say it straight frm my heart..i miss you....)

  5. 5

    Are You Ready? (Sit down, are you ready for this. Shut up, are you ready for this...)

  6. 6

    How You Remind Me (This is how you remind me, of wht i really am. This is how you remind me of wht i really am, It's not like you to say sorry...)

  7. 7

    Connected (i feel connected, protected. it's like you were with me all the time....)

  8. 8

    It's The Way You Make Me Feel (its the way u mke me feel, spinning my world around. tell me how cn i walk away. i dnt care wat they say im lovin u anyway.....)

  9. 9

    Out Of My League (coz i love her with all tht i am and my voice shakes along with my hands...)

  10. 10

    Miracles Happen (miracles happen once in a while. when you believe....)

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