Do you know miley cyrus

by: smilingmiley

see if your a miley expert

  1. 1

    whatwoud miley be most likely to eat on a photo shoot

  2. 2

    what big parade in new york city did miley appear in

  3. 3

    what color is mileys daisy rock guitar

  4. 4

    what is mileys little sisters name

  5. 5

    whats the name of mileys hometown

  6. 6

    which team wasmiley a member of for the 2006 disney channel games

  7. 7

    what is the name of mileys dog

  8. 8

    who has been mileys singing influence

  9. 9

    how many tracks are on the hannah montana cd

  10. 10

    with whom has miley signed a recording deal

  11. 11

    when miley is tired on her tour bus what does she do

  12. 12

    whats mileys real name

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