aNd yOuR mUsIc tAsTeS pOiNt To !!

aNd yOuR mUsIc tAsTeS pOiNt To !!

by: xxzadyxx

Your taste in music can say a lot about you, now i'm just interested in which of my friends music taste your most like, there all verrrrrrrrrry different so have fun deary

  1. 1


  2. 2

    haha same deal:

  3. 3

    Well its kinda all the same question dude:

  4. 4

    Boredom is abundant when i'm typing the same deall.... CHOOOSE:

  5. 5

    -sigh- just choose deary:

  6. 6

    choose choose choose choose, cho- cho- cho-- cho- chooose, CHOOOSE!:

  7. 7

    well i'm leaving you on your own.....:

  8. 8

    JUST KIDDING...haha...okay this is the last painstaking decision which band do you like the bestest:

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