would i go out with u?? [guys]

by: vbchicka4

this is a quiz to see if i would date u or not. im single soo i like to make these kind of quizzes. soo hav fun!!!

  1. 1

    okk look at my profile pic. do u think im attractive ?

  2. 2

    wat color hair do u hav [im not picky with hair color i jsut dont really like guys with pink hair]

  3. 3

    if we broke up would u still want to be friends???

  4. 4

    which one best describes you???

  5. 5

    how old are u???

  6. 6

    would u ever dump me for my twin???

  7. 7

    do u play sports??

  8. 8

    i play volleyball. would u watch my games even if u didnt like it??

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