who did what?!?!?

by: vbalchic751
  1. 1

    which 2 people hit it off on a hit tv show????

  2. 2

    who is married to tom cruise???

  3. 3

    who should be blamed for paris's behavior???

  4. 4

    who is pregnant in prison???

  5. 5

    who went from fashion foe to fashion fabu????

  6. 6

    who is alwas on the cover of her own magazine???

  7. 7

    who ran in a 100 meter dash naked???

  8. 8

    who's daughter pulled her mom's top bathing suit part halfway off???

  9. 9

    who gave themselves a wegie so that everyone could see???

  10. 10

    who said this? "we tried to catch the baby elephants so we could put the louis vuitton blankets on there backs. I'd never seen anything more brilliantly stupid."

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